3D model and vrchat commissions

These are base commissions that come with a certain set of things. Individual prices are listed below if you wish to add anything to the packages or just do something completely different altogether.

These prices are highly dependent on character complexity and negotiations.


Base package

Model only


Included in this package is:

+Just the model

+Thats it

+No rigging, textures, or blendshapes

+.blend file

Package two

Model + Textures


Included in this package is:

+Full ready to rig model
+Textures and UV map files
+.blend file
+Named and organized materials

Package two

Model + Textures + Rig


Included in this package is:

+Fully rigged model
+Textures and UV map files
+.blend file
+Named and organized materials
+(optional) Bones prepared for dynamics
+(optional) Bones set up for eye tracking
+Basic lip-sync blendshapes

Full package



Included in this package is:

+Fully rigged model
+Fully uploaded to unity and ready to import to Vrchat
+Custom animations(not vrc default), expressions, and locomotion all to your preference
+(optional) Dynamic bones
+(optional) set up Poiyomi Toon Shaders
+(optional) set up emission map(s)
+Named and organized materials
+Textures and UV map files
+Eye tracking
+Lip sync and basic expression blendshapes
+.blend file
+Unity Package
+One prop toggle for free :)


These are the prices alone, you can order anything from here without needing a model first. (Example; you can order just a prop.)

Base model with no textures or rigging $200New texture $10-$70Just the bones $50Just the weight paint $100Unity set up $100Blendshape expressions $50Lip-sync $30Prop (includes textures) $90Prop toggle $100Add dynamic bones $70Eye-tracking $30Model organization or unity organization $20-$50-

Terms of service

By purchasing my commissions you agree to these terms:

As the artist I have the right to;

Have 6 months to complete your model (my usual time span is 3 days though so don't worry!)Keep frequent updates with the commissioner about the commission (communicate! I want you to be happy with the product)Refuse or turn down any commission I wishPost my work in general and for advertisement
As the commissioner you;

May not claim my work as your ownMay not resell the model I have made for you for profitAre allowed to make your own edits and claim them as suchMay not ask for a refund mid-way through commission (You will only get half back and what has been completed!)Have to give me, the artist, credit whenever using the model (example; profile picture)Give me a 6 month period to finish your model



I dont have frequently asked questions so I'm going off prior commission experience for what I think may be asked, if you have any questions please ask!

Will you do nsfw?No as I am a minor.
can you price down?Maybe, depends on what you're asking for.

-Could I get a texture or prop toggle after the fact?
Of course!

Can you edit/rig/add textures or blendshapes to a model for me?As long as you have the rights to said model I have no problem! My prices for such things are listed in this carrd


Fill this out if you are getting a package please.


Character: (requires picture reference)

Expressions reference: (Only add if you are purchasing expressions)

Are you a quest, pcvr, or desktop user?: (If you aren't purchasing for Vrchat do not fill this out)

Are you sending this in for a quote or a purchase?


Additional info:

Do you agree to the ToS?: